When you view the world with time as your most valuable asset, then life will change in a way that will make your time better.

That is what you are truly spending. Every moment of every day. We are always choosing.

Of course, having an awareness of your own time as your most valuable asset does not render you immune to the struggle of how best to spend it. To make matters worse, the added pressure of this awareness may causes one to overthink to the point of indecision and inaction, compromising the happiness and fulfilment that your time can provide.


So, where to begin?

—> Strength.

A few years back, a friend recommended I take a specific character strength test. There are many super-useful tests available, but this particular one focuses exclusively on your most positive character strengths.

There is, of course, much value to be found in acknowledging and accepting our weaknesses or opportunities for improvement. But for the moment, let’s put that aside.

The test ranks your top 25 strengths—all admirable, positive qualities—from highest to lowest. The immediate self-knowledge gained from this test is invaluable, and can help to shape a clearer path forward. It certainly has for me.

But try to be really honest. We all want to believe that we are overflowing with all these character strengths—and perhaps we are—but the real question is: what is number 1?

Mine = Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence.

…numbers 2-5 are apparently also very useful.

Take the test here.

We are (much) stronger than we think.

Regardless of the situations and circumstances that make up our lives, there is so much we each have to offer the world. If you’re reading this, then I suspect that like me, you have a desire to bring forth the gifts within you.

Start with your strengths, follow the path, and like your life depends on it, trust yourself.

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