Fire Within

Burning within each of us is an endless, immeasurable supply of magic; a creative ‘fire’, if you will. If you are human and alive, you are creative. Sometimes the fire roars loudly, impossible to contain. Other times, it is barely a flicker. But it never goes out; it cannot go out.

It is this fire that the world is crying out for. The challenge is that that flame can be shy, and elusive. The search for the fire within is rarely an easy one.

Setting forth.

We all have creative gifts that are trying to escape us. Take a moment to think about all the incredible ideas that are never fulfilled; the countless books, films, shows, songs, symphonies, paintings, inventions, discoveries, scientific breakthroughs that the world missed out on.

What if the idea that the world needs most right now is stuck in the mind of someone who can not or will not choose to act on it? What if the cure for cancer is trapped within the mind of someone who cannot afford a medical degree?

Of course, creativity is first and foremost meant to be soul-nourishing, magical, and just simple fun. If someone chooses not to share their creativity with the world, then that is their choice and no-one else’s.

However, at the very least, we must attempt to locate the burning fire within, lest we find ourselves forever plagued by the unknown. We must joyfully and fiercely strive to unleash the magic—our magic—in whatever form it may take.

Not the destination, but the search.


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