The Magic of Tap Dance.

There was once a time and a place where the term ‘dance’ was synonymous with the term ‘tap-dance’. Tap was at the forefront of artistic innovation; you weren’t considered a dancer if you didn’t tap.

I sometimes catch myself wishing that I had lived in this time.

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We are each, in some way, holding ourselves back.

Fear plays a role in our lives equally crucial and detrimental. It’s always there, waiting in the wings if not centre stage in our mind.

Ultimately, fear is trying to help. And it does. It stops us from casually strolling off a cliff, investing in bad business decisions, and protects us from embarrassment and humiliation. Mostly.

However, it also safeguards us (and the rest of the world) from our own selves. It prefers safety, comfort and contentment. Discomfort, uncertainty and risk-taking are not acceptable, and it will work hard to ensure we don’t go down these paths.

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Bringing forth the gifts of our creativity requires a strong helping of courage. In order to actually achieve some measure of fulfillment through our creativity, the most crucial and important prerequisite is, of course, that we love what we’re doing.

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Fire Within

Burning within each of us is an endless, immeasurable supply of magic; a creative ‘fire’, if you will. If you are human and alive, you are creative. Sometimes the fire roars loudly, impossible to contain. Other times, it is barely a flicker. But it never goes out; it cannot go out.

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